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Team Green - Children's Club

Creating the Green Thumbs of Tomorrow!

Objective: Expose and connect children to the natural world through hands-on learning at a living laboratory

Target Audience: Children ages 7-12 (3rd - 5th Grade)

Class Size: Limited to 20 children

Schedule: 10:00am - 11:00am every Wednesday from June 3rd - August 19th

Cost: $50 per child (includes 12 - 1-hour sessions, magnifying glass, journal, and all craft materials)

Sessions: 12 sessions are spaced out over the course of the summer that engage and expose the children to many different aspects of a botanical garden. 

How to Register: Stop by the Front Desk of the McCrory Gardens Education & Visitor Center or call (605) 688-6707. (Registration deadline: May 1st)

2015 - Team Green Programming

1. Week of June 3rd – Get to know McCrory Tour - We will cover what a botanical garden is and what they do while touring the grounds and facilities.


2.  Week of June 10th – Plant a Seed, Plant a Bed – We will plant a seed to take home and watch grow, and then plant their older brothers and sisters out in the gardens.


3.  Week of June 17th – Soil – What’s in the Soil? - We will dig some holes and take a closer look at the things you find in it – talk about the worms and bugs and organisms found there and what is good or bad for growing plants, potting soil vs. garden soil, etc.


4.  Week of June 24th  – Bird Banding – This activity will cover the "hows" and "whys" of banding birds; and will also give students a hands-on experience to see how birds are safetly captured, banded, measured and released.


5.  Week of July 1st – Annuals, Perennials, and Biennials – We will take a walk through the garden looking for unique plants, stopping to look at examples of annuals, perennials, and biennials and learning what the differences are between them.


6.  Week of July 8th – Herb Garden and Sensory Garden - This will be a fun look at our Sensory Garden and Herb Garden, where we get the opportunity to see, touch, smell, listen, and maybe even taste the plants. We will also talk about the different herbs and what they might be used for at home.


7.  Week of July 15th – Water and Irrigation - This time we will look more closely at our irrigation system and how it works. We will put together some irrigation parts to get water from one spot to another, and we will watch some of our own systems in action!


8.  Week of July 22nd – Insects in the Garden - We will explore the garden looking for insects that are pollinating (bees and butterflies), eating plants (caterpillars), and eating other insects (beetles and true bugs). We will also talka bout how caterpillars become butterflies, what makes a bug, and how monarchs find their way home.


9.  Week of July 29th – Art in the Garden - Staff will have collected some items out in the garden that you can use to create your own piece of natural art to take home with you.


10.  Week of August 5th – Tree Traits - We will look at many different types of trees and their unique traits, such as how you might be able to identify them at home, and what they may be used for, both by people and by natures. We will also look at some shrubs and can discuss trees or shrubs that produce fruits and nuts.


11.  Week of August 12th – We need plants! – We will discuss some very important things that plants do and provide for us, and why they are so important!  We will briefly discuss photosynthesis, and we will also take a look at our vegetable garden and the food plants provide us and we even get to see how to harvest some!


12.  Week of August 19th – Scavenger Hunt – During this class we’ll take off and hunt for different things we learned about throughout the summer.