Team Green - Children's Club

Creating the Green Thumbs of Tomorrow!

Objective: Expose and connect children to the natural world through hands-on learning at a living laboratory.


Team Green is designed for children ages 7-12 (3rd - 5th Grade). 5 sessions are spaced out over the course of the summer that engage and expose the children to many different aspects of a botancial garden. Class size is limted to 20 children and take place from 1:00pm - approx. 2:30pm.

2013 - Team Green Review

      The Children seem to really be enjoying the program!  So far we have learned about soil, seeds to plants and weather.  Each week we have someone come in and teach a lesson.  Then, the kids do a craft pertaining to the lesson.  The first week, the kids planted a seed in a pot and took it home.  They were told to write down or draw their observations in their journal.  We then took the kids out in the gardens to explore!  

        For our second lesson (shown in the top picture) McCrory Gardens Director, David Graper, taught the children about different kinds of plants, the many parts of a plant, and what it takes to keep them growing.  After the lesson, they placed soil and two seeds into a CD case and put some water in it.  If they keep the case in a warm climate, they will be able to see the seeds roots start to grow!  After that, they made a poster showing elements that help plants grow and stay alive.  Then, we took them out to the gardens to observe the different parts of plants with their magnifying glasses.  

      For our third lesson, we learned all about weather.  After learning about tornados and the wind, we made tornados in a bottle and pinwheels!  After that we took our pinwheel outside to watch them spin!  

       For our fourth lesson, we learned about the insects living in the gardens!  Buyung Hadi brought in a bunch of examples for the kids to look at while he taught.  He also brought bug vaccuums (shown in the far right picture).  If you point the vaccuum toward a bug, it will suck it right up and you can look at it though a manifying glass.  In the picture, Morgan caught a grasshopper!  After that, the kids made bug jars to take home.

          On August 8th, the children will learn all about trees!  I am sad to say that this will be our last session.  These kids are great and we always have a fun time!




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